Your advantages as a distribution partner of Himmelberger Tool Forge

Your advantages at a glance

Tradition: Since the 17th century Müller has been forging innovative and high-quality tools for professionals worldwide.
Innovation: Innovativeness has become an element of success. So our products Trifffix (the axe which hits on every strike) and Dynamax (dynamic splitting axe) have already been regionally awarded.
Emotion: The tool forge has built a bridge between tradition and innovation, handcraftsmanship and creativity, history and modern times.
Sustainability: The hand-made products are specially adapted to the regions and tasks.
Close economy: The ore for our high-quality tool steel comes from the mountains of the region, our employees are from the neighbourhood, the power of the nearby river generates our machinery, the ash wood for the handles grows at our doorstep …
Durability: Our products have been known to outlive generations. For example, there are axes still being used, which our ancestors produced.
Uniqueness: Every tool is a unique piece of handicraft.
Variety: Apart from the usual, regional-specific products for forestry, like axes, hatchets, splitting axes, wedges or hookaroons, our business also produces unusual tools which many people have already forgotten (for example the wide hatchet, the scooped adze, the shingle splitting axe …)
Market leaders: In Austria our business is the market leader in this segment, we export to EU countries, the USA, Australia, Asia and Russia.
Quality leaders: Specially trained handcraftsmen share their abilities and knowledge with each other, to produce quality tools which are hand-made and long-lasting.
Dedication: This business is dedicated to quality, innovation and the forge craftsmanship.
HIMMELBERGER ZEUGHAMMERWERK . Leonhard Müller & Söhne GmbH . A-9413 Frantschach . Telefon +43.435271131.0 . Telefax +43.435271131.715
HIMMELBERGER ZEUGHAMMERWERK . Leonhard Müller & Söhne GmbH . A-9413 Frantschach . Telefon +43.435271131.0 . Telefax +43.435271131.715
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